Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm a grown up Spaniel now

I had a birthday on Friday. Apparently it was three years ago that I was born. I don't remember that far back but if Mum and Dad tell me it was then who am I to argue. I like birthdays. Mum took me to pets at home and told me I could choose my own toy. I chose a pink slipper with a squeak in it that has a rope attached so mum will play tug and it can come to school with me.
Mum had to buy me other toys there as well. She brought me a brand new Kong Wubba. She says she shouldn't have had to and that it wasn't right of me to eat my old one, but she didn't shout at me, she said it wouldn't have been fair to shout on my birthday. I didn't mean to eat the last one, I just wanted to know where the squeak is coming from, but I still don't know because when I made a hole in it the squeaking stopped.
Mum sat me down and had a talk with me about what it means to be three. She said that she can't get away with telling people I am a puppy any more, and so I should behave when people come to the house, I should stop the woofing and maybe if she lets me off the lead sometimes I should come back. I let her rub my tummy to show I understand but really I don't think I will change, I like behaving like a puppy. I know I'm getting older but I think I might still be cute enough to get away with it.
Mum put a big tree in the house this week. She said it's where presents go. She also said I can't eat it. I'm very intrigued, we don't normally have those trees in our house, mum and dad normally have a discussion about the tree but it never comes out of its box. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks a lot.
Lots of love
Poppy xx


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