Friday, 17 December 2010

My day out with mum

I had such an amazing day today! Mum took me to work for the first time. But let me tell you about it all from the start. Mum took me outside and there was snow! I prefered this snow to last weeks snow because it was deep and crunchy. I still don't like having wet paws though. Then mum took me out to the car. We were in the car for quite a long time which is always good. I love the car, it takes me to some great places. I got to see lots of exciting things like birds out of the window.
Finally we got to work. Mum took me out of the car and I smelt some of the most amazing smells ever. There were dog and cat smells everywhere. Mum works at an animal rescue and rehoming centre.She is always telling me how lucky I am to have a lovely home with her and dad and that other dogs aren't so lucky. I know that and I wouldn't swap my family for anything, but I still hope I get to go to work with mum again.
She has her own office there and the blanket on the floor smelt of dogs. I didn't want to tell her but this made me a little bit jealous, I don't like that she sees other dogs when I'm not around. She made up for it though by giving me a stuffed kong, and letting me chew my wubba.
I met lots of different people and although I was a little bit scared they were all really lovely and gave me treats or threw my ball for me. I was on my best behaviour and tried not to woof too much. I showed them all the tricks I learnt, I sat, I left things and I did some hand touch. Then at lunch time mum took me for a snowy walk around the field and let me sniff as much as I want. I even spent a bit of time in reception, but I got a bit worried when mum said that the dogs go in to reception to help find them a new home. I don't want a new home, I love my mum and dad.

We went home a tiny bit early as it was snowing heavily. I've slept on the sofa with my wubba ever since I got home as I'm tired out from the fun. Don't you think I look cute? Mum says I can't go to work with her all the time as she didn't get much done with me there, and she thinks I would be even more excitable if there were other dogs in the office. But I can go next Thursday. I'm so excited I can hardly wait. Only 6 more night sleeps!
I hope all the other dogs out there enjoyed their snow days as much as I did!
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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