Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas is over - and I still haven't had turkey

Christmas really isn't as exciting as everyone tells me. When I woke up in the morning Santa Dog hadn't been. Mum said it was because I hadn't been good enough. She said Santa Dog had told her I only deserved a turkey jumbone, so that's what she gave me. Then her and dad took me to the park to play in the snow, and I did play with a labrador which was fun. But I'm really not enjoying the cold any more. They said it was -6c and no doggy should have to be outside in that weather.
I heard mum and dad talking about how they were going to have a lovely turkey dinner and my little doggy mouth started watering. And then the next thing I knew, to my horror, mum and dad went out of the door and told me to stay at home and have a good sleep. They went to my grandparents house. They ate Christmas dinner without me! They shared their dinner with the cats! I was extremely unimpressed when they came home later with no turkey for me, and smelling of cats.

At least I didn't have to wear a silly hat like George

There didn't seem to be much I could do to rectify the situation, but I have made a point of keeping them awake all night by batting them in the nose or stealing their pillows whenever they tried to sleep, and I did shred the last of my pink fluffy slipper over the living room floor today. It made me feel slightly better, but they are going to have to work seriously hard to get back in my good books again!
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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