Monday, 16 May 2011

A better Poppy dog

Happy news! After two weeks of very short walks, antibiotics and special paw cream I am finally mended. I probably ought not to chase ducks again but I think we all know I probably will.
Speaking of duck chasing I did a bit bad when mum let me off lead in the big field at work. I saw a moorhen. And I tried to have self control but I don't have any. So once again I did bad and squeezed under the gate and dived in the isolation area pond. I got chased round for 15 minutes but I was starting to get chilly so I gave up and let mum catch me. She looked a little cross. She says it's my fault if I ever catch kennel cough. As I pointed out to mum firstly there is no kennel cough and hasn't been for over a year, secondly it would be totally worth it. Mum just shook her head and sighed.
She took me and Fly to the beach on Saturday. Apparently it's the only place we are allowed to go where I don't cause her stress when I'm off lead. It was so lovely, I splashed in the sea, and I even got Fly wet, because she wouldn't go in by herself.
Mum gave me a tennis ball. I love it so much I sleep with it.
I also went to school again on Saturday. It's been so long since I went that I was worried that I would forget things but I didn't, I even learnt new things. I now know Spaniel In A Box (a very clever trick, but I can't do it as well as the other two spaniels yet). I can do Spaniel On a Stool and I even had a little wobble on the wobble board. I then ran through two tunnels in a row when mum said Go Tunnel. She was very pleased, she wondered if I knew what she meant.
I think this week has been a successful and happy Poppy week. If only I could remember to come back to mum when she calls my name so that I could go off lead more often then life really would be perfect.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


At 20 May 2011 at 09:24 , Blogger Isaac the wonder schnauzer said...

It's the fault of the birds, Poppy. First the ducks, now that moorhen, If they weren't trying to distract you, then you would find it much easier to return when your Mum calls.
I think the feathered ones do it on purpose to get us in trouble. They hang around until you see them. You go over to say hello ( or munch on them, depending on what we feel like) and they fly off. Which is not fair because they know we have no wings.


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