Saturday, 19 February 2011

Poorly me

I won't be writing much today as I really am feeling very poorly.The rumours were true, I was spayed yesterday. Mum collected me from the vets in the afternoon and although I was pleased to see her, I have never felt so poorly in my life. She was very good to me and brought the comfy doggy bed upstairs so I could sleep somewhere nice but I felt so ill that all I could do was howl.
Mum was very nice, she stayed up and cuddled me and gave me a painkiller so I could sleep. This morning I felt a little better so I started moving around a bit more. I had to have a huge cone put round my head so I couldn't lick my stitches. As if I would! But I still managed to split them a tiny bit and there was blood everywhere. Mum checked my gums and my heart rate and was worried I was going in to shock so she had to take me to the emergency vet. I saw the nice lady vet who examined me before my op yesterday. She cleaned me up and dressed my wound and checked I was healthy. She said mum needed to try and get me to eat more as that would help me feel better, and said I shouldn't be moving around. Now my bed has been taken in to dad's room away from Fly and I have been hand fed some doggy food. I feel a little better but still not very well.
I promise I will put a picture of me and my collar on here soon, but I think I look too ill to have my photo taken at the moment.
Lots of love
A very poorly poppy xxx


At 21 February 2011 at 02:47 , Blogger Muffin said...

I understand with you. When I got spayed, I felt soooooo sleeepy, and soooooooo poorly...


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