Monday, 2 May 2011

Sorry I haven't written much lately

Happy before I got lost
I'm a very poorly Poppy dog at the moment so as I can't move off the sofa I thought I should probably write something. We are now in our amazing new house but I'm sure Fly will tell you more about that if she wakes up and decides to write something.
I have been loving all the new walks I have been able to go on as we live out in the countryside now, and there are lots of open fields and rivers around us. But on Friday mum decided that we should have a special long bank holiday walk by the river. I forgot that it can be silly to chase ducks. I jumped in the river and started swimming after a duck, mum wasn't worried at first as I do this a lot. But then I swam out of view (the banks were overgrown so she couldn't see me). Mum lost me for an hour. I did find her a couple of times and I could hear her calling me, but I was so cold my brain wouldn't work properly so I didn't get out of the water.
Some walkers found me shivering and crying on the bank a little while later and they found mum and then they helped her get me out. She took me home and warmed me up with lots of snuggles, and a big warm duvet because I had got myself so cold that I was starting to get hypothermia.
I'm feeling sad now
But the next day I was still shivery and sleepy somum took me to the vets. I had to have my temperature taken and it was a little nasty because they take it in your bottom. I felt too ill to argue though. I had a high temperature and had to have an injection and mum has to give me antibiotics. She thinks I haven't noticed that they are in big lumps of cheese. I have, but I love cheese too much to care!
I feel a bit better now, but as the rest of my aches and pains went I realised I hurt my paw really badly and I can't walk at all. I have been carried everywhere for the last couple of days. I feel very special but I am wishing I could walk again so apparently I have to go back to the vet.
Mum says I won't be allowed back on that walk again. She says it is all my own fault I feel so bad, but she is giving me lots of love so that makes up for it. Hopefully next time I write all my paws will be working again.
Lots of love

Poppy xxx


At 3 May 2011 at 09:09 , Blogger Isaac the wonder schnauzer said...

Poor Poppy! How scary for you. I was scared just reading your story.I hope you paw feels better soon and that you can walk and run about.
I have always been tempted to chase a duck or two when the chance presents itself. Your tale will make me think twice... though probably only until I see another duck. I'm glad I don't really like swimming though.

At 4 May 2011 at 15:02 , Blogger Poppy said...

My paw is almost ok now, I just cut it badly. I'm still not allowed to run yet so I'm a little sad.
Ducks are great but probably shouldn't be chased, they make dogs like us hurt ourselves. But I will probably forget that and chase again as soon as I'm allowed off lead. I think mum might get angry if I do.


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