Sunday, 4 September 2011

An agility champion in the making

A happy, content Poppy
I think a break at school has done me good. I had been struggling to concentrate and listen to mum, and really couldn't get to grips with many things.So I had three weeks off and mum thought I'd be rubbish because we did no training. How wrong could she be! I'm amazing (and also modest).
I can now do two by two weave poles at a fairly decent angle.Mum even got some for her birthday so we can pratice at home. She must love me lots to get weave poles for her birthday. I can do jumps and tunnels as well and I'm even starting to learn about see saws and getting my A Frame contacts right. By the time I turn four in November I hope to be able to run a whole course. I knew I'd get it right one day no matter what mum told me!
I won another rosette as well. It was our fun day at school last week and I came third in waggiest tail. I normally can wag hard enough to do better but because I knew the judge I saw no need to wag harder and therefore I only came third.My yellow ribbon is so pretty, and I know that if I had tried a tiny bit harder I could have won a red ribbon. I also tried obedience. And I didn't come last! I think I did as well as Fly would have done and only dropped a few points. I am most proud of the fact that I have learnt to wait. Who would have thought a Poppy dog could do things like that.
A sad thing happened to me this month though. My friend Jiggy went to his new home. Mum says that's a good thing because we were only fostering him and he was looking for his new home anyway and the new home is much better for him than our home was. I do know all that but I'm still a little sad to lose my friend. And it has made Fly full of worry because she doesn't understand about fostering so she thinks Jiggy was taken away somewhere, like she was as a Pup. Fly's are silly!
Lots of love
 Poppy xxx

The video below is Jiggy looking extra cute. I have to confess I miss him a little!


At 4 September 2011 at 17:42 , Blogger Keisha said...

Hi, sweetheart! I like ur pikshers. Woof woof. :)


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