Saturday, 28 May 2011

I love agility

Here I am protecting my ball from Fly.
She'll steal anything she can get her paws on
I've just got back from this weeks agility lesson, and I have to say I think all dogs should try agility. I had so much fun. Mum finally gave up trying to get me to play with a treat pouch and she brought out the big guns instead. Yes she had the squeaky kong tennis ball with her. Finally, it's only taken 6 months of weekly training to figure out that a tennis ball is the only thing I'll work for.
So when mum showed me the tennis ball I was the happiest Poppy dog possible. I bounced around like a mad spaniel thing and did everything mum asked of me. I completed a course of 13 items and didn't run out once! Mum was so proud of me. I even went through the collapsible tunnel which I haven't seen before. We only had one little incident where I saw another dog with a tennis ball at the other side of the field so I ran off to get that one too. Whoops! But considering that last week I didn't even want to go through a tunnel, I think on the whole I was very clever.
All this running is hard work. But fun!
I'm a little bit sad though as mum tells me there are only a couple of days of her holiday left and then we all have to go back to work. I feel mum should consider looking after me and keeping me happy her job. She says that while entertaining me and Fly is practically a full time job, she still has to go back to work as there are lots of cats and dogs that need homes finding and she needs to help them. I suppose she's right. But I'd better get a big rawhide to make up for it.
I'm off to have a little nap now, I didn't realise how tiring agility could be if you go at proper speed. And I need to get my strength up for my afternoon scamper.
Lots of love
Poppy dog xxx


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