Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sore paw and bad computer

Sad Poppy face, sticking my hurty paw out
I'm a grumpy Poppy right now. I had just spent a very long time writing lots of great Poppy things about my last couple of Poppy weeks and the silly computer lost it all. I keep telling mum to buy a new computer but she says my rawhide costs lots of money and so she can't afford things like computers as well. I think she should just work harder and get more money. Doesn't she know how hard it is to write when you have fluffy paws? So it's very upsetting to write lots and then lose it all.
I also have a poorly paw. I've been limping a lot recently and mum has looked at my paw, but she can't see a cut or anything in it, but it's really really hurting me. I'm not wanting to chase after my balls as often because it hurts so much, and that's really not like me at all. Mum has given me lots of love and cuddles but she says if I don't feel better soon I might have to have a little trip to the vets. Poor me!
It's not been all bad though. I've been an office dog a few times and I've had some fantastic off lead walks with my ball so even a grumpy Pop can't be too sad.
Lots of love
Pop dog xxx


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