Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Autumn is cold and nasty

I feel a little bit sad now that it is autumn. When the alarm goes off in the morning it is dark, but mum makes me get up. Does she not realise that given the choice a spaniel would prefer to sleep until noon. Mum makes me toilet outside even in the cold and dark and then when it is starting to get light she forces me to put my new purple coat on and she takes me and sister Fly to work. We have a scamp in the field and then go to our kennel. I have a lovely warm coat so I am happy, but Fly is very stupid and keeps taking her coat off and then shivering.

I've never had to be a kennel dog in the winter before and I don't like it. I always used to stay at home on a nice warm snuggy bed. But mum has pointed out that I must either come to work where it can get chilly but I get loads of walks and cuddles, or I stay at home but get a lot less walks now her and dad don't get breaks in the afternoon. She has said that if it gets properly cold she will let me in the office so long as I don't bark. I was offended. I never bark! (Mum says I'm lying) As you can see me and my sister can be good and snuggly and quiet sometimes in mums office.
A poppy action shot. I was just taking off after the ball dad had
thrown. I should be an olympic athlete.
The best thing about autumn is that I sometimes go on trips to the beach and there are hardly any people there. This week it was lovely as it wasn't as cold as normal and I did some sea swimming. I was a little sad as I lost a good Kong tennis ball and punctured another one. Kong balls are the best but I have to have so many to keep me occupied that mum says she needs shares in the company.
The beach was amazing as me and Fly did lots of running and playing, and then when I got fed up of her I went swimming because Fly is scared of water so she can't get to me when I'm in the sea . Younger sisters can be so annoying sometimes.
Coming out of the sea like a bond girl dog
Mum says I've got something very different to look forwards to this Saturday. I'm having my very first hair cut. I don't even know what a hair cut is but I have a horrible feeling I won't like it. Mum says she wants me to be a smarter spaniel because I am like a woolly mammoth at the moment. I always thought I was cuddly and cute not scruffy, but mum says that is not the case. I shall make sure I post before and after pictures and will tell everyone how horrible the event was. I am very scared!

Lots of love
Pops dog xxx


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