Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Pop Dog is back!!! So is her Fly sister

Mum said I'm allowed to use the computer again! I'm a very happy Poppy dog, I missed writing things. Mum has said I do have to share this blog with my Sprollie sister Fly as she doesn't have time to help us both write things, but as long as she lets me write more than Fly I don't mind too much.
Tuppy's last photo
Anyway as it's been 10 months since I wrote things I thought I'd sum up my year -

My Tuppy sister died. It was very very sad as the longer she lived we all started thinking she was immortal. She was put to sleep on 23rd November, only 6 days away from being with us a whole year. Her legs were getting worse and she was having trouble breathing over night and had a stroke as well. She had a good last couple of days though and managed a last little walk, even doing a bit of a run, and had a whole pack of chicken. Fly was very sad and pined a lot, I was sad as well but I do appreciate being able to sleep in the comfy Tuppy bed.

I'm getting cleverer at agility. I even go twice a week some weeks. I'm not allowed to compete yet because I'm not quite as clever as some dogs. But I sometimes get a clear round in training as long as there are no weaves, and I think I'm getting very good.

We moved house and although it is sad that we don't live in the countryside any more, we do have a really nice park near us. It has woods, and a river and even a bmx park with ramps that we play on. We like chasing birds and swimming there. We dosn't like our house so much as we have very nearby neighbours that make noises and when we bark at their noises they complains about us. So now mum won't let us stay at home in case they complain more. Luckily we are moving again in a couple of months where we will have better neighbours but will still be near our lovely park.

Poppy on a comfy work bed

I live in mum's office when I go to work now. I made a fuss about having to be a kennel dog so mum makes me live inside. Happy days! Sometimes I live in the other office with my dog friends, and when I do Fly goes in mums office. Me and Fly are very rarely allowed to be together at work as we make too much noise.

 I went to the vet twice, it was upsetting. Firstly mummy tried to groom me and was very bad and accidentally cut my leg. I had to have stitches. Very bad mummy. Then I ran through Brambles and got an eye ulcer. I had to be muzzled at the vet, and I had eye drops for 7 days and had to be muzzled for those as well. It was very painful so I think it was acceptable to try and bite people.

A good walk, when Tuppy
was with us
We had lots of very good walks and beach runs as always and enjoyed being a happy Springer and Sprollie. We hope to have more of the same in 2013. Mum has said I have to make new years resolutions, so me and Fly are going to think about them, we will tell everyone on New Years Day. We hope that we are more successful at them than we were this year.

Me and Fly hope you have a happy new year and we'll write more in 2013

Lots of love
Pop dog xxx


At 30 December 2012 at 08:50 , Blogger Terrorzinhos said...

Good to have you back!
Happy New Year!

Kaiser & Farrusquinho

At 2 January 2013 at 13:42 , Blogger Casper Bear said...

Happy New Year!!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear


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