Sunday, 15 January 2012

Whoops, I broke a few resolutions

I've had a few problems with some of my resolutions, and I think now is the time to confess. I don't want all the doggies out there thinking I am a virtuous dog with a lot of willpower.
At Lydeard Hill, before I
lost my ball
Firstly I must confess to losing six tennis balls since the start of January. One was mums fault, she threw it in to direct sunlight and I couldn't see it. Naughty mum. However I did do a little bad on a Lydeard Hill walk yesterday and lost three balls in a bush. In my defence, they were rubbish balls, not proper Kong ones. And I did find one that another dog lost.
My food begging has not been doing well. Curry was rather tempting, as was roast gammon, as was fish pie. In fact I've even barked at cereal every morning. On the plus side I have been barking quieter unless cheese is involved.
At the levels where my
ears got wet
I went back to work with mum last week, and found that she has a different office. I can hear people walking past the door along the corridor, and it excites me so I bark. Mum gave up and brought me and Fly a raised dog bed to go in our kennel so we don't have to sleep at ground level. She wraps us up warm in fleecy coats and blankets, and then puts us outside. But I suppose it is our own fault, and she does keep us as warm and snuggy as she can.
I also broke the one about not moaning about my ears. In fact I have spent the past few hours rushing around the house wimpering and trying to rub my ears on surfaces that might dry them. I wish we had carpet in the house as that used to dry them nicely. I do know that I caused the problem myself by running through a freezing cold ditch with deep enough water that my ears dragged in, but at the time it seemed worth it. I'd like to pretend that I won't do it again, but I think we all know I will.
My lovely Tuppy sister
 But the good news is that I am doing well so far with my other resolutions. I am enjoying 2012 so far, we've had some lovely long walks, and a few tasty pigs ears as well. My foster sister Tuppence is still alive and well, and me and my Fly sister have had some great plays together. I think it's going to be a good year.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


At 25 January 2012 at 17:11 , Blogger Keith Andrea said...

.,oh sweety, don't worry everyone fails but next time try to do what is right...

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