Thursday, 30 December 2010

I'm a tired working dog

My new friend Patrick

Mum took me to work again yesterday. I really do love it there. I saw my friends Storm and Patrick again, although I'm not sure Storm likes me that much. She woofed at me that she thinks I'm a little bit young and silly. I think Patrick is lovely and I think he likes me too. If he was a little bit younger he might be my boyfriend dog, but I think 14 is a tiny bit too old for me. I gave him my kong even though it was an amazing kong, full of lovely biscuits and kong liver paste. He liked it a lot and he let me have a little play and a chase with him. Mum told me off for being a little bit rough and made me sleep in the car to calm down. Patrick has very sore legs and they can't keep up with my playing. To tell you the truth even I got a little tired from our playing. I was so tired I slept all evening. I was too tired to even give dad his daily ear lick.

My doggy bed at mums work

Mum taught me a new trick today. If I lie down when she tells me to I get a treat. I should really have learnt this one a long time ago. I get a treat and a lie down, what's not to like about that.
Mum tells me I have an exciting couple of months ahead. She says it's New Year's Eve tomorrow and that means I have to make resolutions. Personally I don't know how I could improve on anything, but when I told mum and dad this they both laughed and said they could think of plenty for me. I have three whole days off with mum and she has promised me lots of long walks to make up for the ones I didn't get over Christmas. Then I go back to agility on Wednesday night. I want them to be impressed with all I've learnt. I've worked so hard and I even went over the dog walk yesterday without being bribed with sausage.
Mum also said she might get a friend for me to play with soon.She says I need a doggy friend because her and dad get bored of playing tug and fetch all day and she would like me to play with another doggy instead. She says she will adopt one who is looking for a new home. I can't wait til next year!
Happy new year to all the doggy's and their humans.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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