Saturday, 15 January 2011

Busy, busy, busy pop dog

Apologies for not writing during the week but mum has been busy and hasn't let me use her computer at all. She's really mean. She says she has been doing important work stuff, things that are more important than my writing. I had a quick look over her shoulder and she was doing health and safety manuals. Honestly, she gets herself a job where she could spend all day with cute little dogs like me, and instead she looks at health and safety standards. I really will never understand humans, not even my mum. She says we will go to the beach in the morning if it doesn't rain, so that will go some way to making it up to me.
I went to doggy school on Wednesday. Mum was very relieved that there was another beginner dog there, a little cocker spaniel. She says last week was embarrassing as everyone was so much better than me. I was tired this week because I had spent the whole day in mums office as well as quite a lot of running around the field. So I was ever so good and didn't bark too much. We did some crate training. I used to be scared of the crate, but to be honest I was glad of a lie down this week and I got fed sausage so it's all good.
New baby sister. She's cute but I think I might be cuter!
Am I even allowed to say that?!
Anyway exciting news. Mum said that my potential new little sister Fly is having her second injection on Wednesday. I might be allowed to meet her on Wednesday, and then if we like each other mum said that she could possibly come home as early as Friday. I know we're going to get on just fine, so long as she does everything I tell her so I'm sure she will be coming home.
Mum said Fly is still really shy and nervous and that she has only just learnt how to walk properly. She says I need to be a big grown up girl and help Fly settle in to the house. She did say that Fly would be bigger than me when she is older, but that I would always be their special grown up girl. That makes me feel better. Although I'm really looking forward to having a pup around to play with I was worried they would love the little one most. Mum says we are going to have a special week together before Fly comes home, so I'm off to take a nap in front of the fire in preparation.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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