Saturday, 8 January 2011

What a busy week!

What a fantastically busy Poppy week I've had! Good news is that my ear healed nicely without a trip to the vets. Plenty of other stuff happened as well.

Back to agility
Firstly I went back to school on Wednesday. It was a little bit scary because I didn't know any of the dogs and it was a new place. There was lots of lovely smelling horse poo on the ground. Mum said that it's because it is a riding stable and that I should stop sniffing the poo. I got a little bit over excited as well as nervous so I woofed a lot and kept trying to run towards the other dogs. In the end we had to go and do our own private work at the other end to the other dogs. Mum said that they were all better than me and that I'm an embarrassment. I don't believe her as she seemed to have as much fun playing with my toy as I did.

I made a new friend
"Mum, Alfie's on my bed"
I went to work with mum and I met a new dog that I hadn't seen before. He is called Alfie and he is a springer collie cross. I think he's lovely. I even like him more than Patrick. I let him sleep on my bed for a bit, although I didn't have much choice. I think he likes me too. Mum said that she didn't mind if I wanted him to be my boyfriend as he is the same age as me. We played in the field together and chased a tennis ball, and then we came back in to the office and chased the tennis ball some more which really annoyed Storm and Patrick who were trying to sleep. Mum says I can come to work more often with her if Alfie is there as when I play with him I don't annoy her so much.

I might be getting a little sister
My possible baby sister, Fly
Mum says she has met a little girl dog who she really likes and that if I get on with her she will be my new little sister. She is 5 months old and she is a springer collie cross called Fly. She was supposed to work on a farm but she is scared of sheep and very bad at her job so the farmer didn't want her anymore. Mum says that she is very shy and nervous but that she really likes other dogs so she should be ok with me. We can't meet for another week though as she is still going through her isolation period. I can't wait to meet her, it could be fun to have a baby sister.

I was made to walk with a head collar
Mum has put me in a head collar for walks now. I don't like it. It means that I can't pull mum along when I want to go faster or when I want to chase something. She likes it a lot. She says she likes me a lot more when I am not pulling her about everywhere. I have to admit she makes sure she is gentle and never tugs the part of the lead that is attached to my head collar but sometimes I forget and pull at something and it makes my head turn sideways. At least I don't get a sore neck anymore though.
Anyway it's been such a busy week that I'm off for a big snooze in front of the fire now. I promise I will try to write more during the week next week.
Lots of love

Poppy xxx


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