Monday, 3 January 2011

Bad Poppy day

I'm not a happy Poppy dog today. Firstly I got my head stuck in a bramble bush yesterday. I ripped a chunk of skin off my ear and it bled quite a bit. I felt very bad and poorly, and I had to let mum cut all the hair away from it. She says she doesn't want a repeat of last time when the hair grew into the wound. Yes, this isn't the first time I got my head stuck in a bramble bush! Mum has given me a special doggy pain killer as it hurts, but it tastes horrible. It goes on my food, and it ruined my fish pate. It makes me all dozy as well and a little bit sick. Mum says only two more days left though which is good, but apparently if it hasn't healed by Thursday I am going to the vet. I DO NOT like the vet. They sometimes stick scary needles in me. I wee'd myself in the waiting room last time I was there and I swear a cat laughed at me, so I really don't want to go back.
Secondly it is snowing again. I got excited but then mummy told me that this looks like wet slushy snow and it probably won't be fun. It will just be cold and nasty and my walks might be a little bit shorter.
I have spent most of today feeling very sorry for myself hidden on the bed under dad's dressing gown. Mum says it's ok to hide there as he's not here today to notice that I'm getting my hair and slobber on his stuff. I think I'm going to go back under there and hide some more and feel sorry for myself, and hope mummy will give me extra cuddles, and maybe a jumbone. She says we've run out but I think she must be lying.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


At 3 January 2011 at 14:08 , Blogger Molly said...

Oh Poppy you silly sausage - imagine letting a cat laugh at you!

I used to be frightened of the vet too but mum kept taking me there - I went every week at one point! Now I am there once a month for jabs - I have allergies
I was most scared of the scales - every time I went on them mum gave me less to eat and hardly any treats!
I quite like my vets now - they rub my tummy!

At 7 January 2011 at 19:24 , Blogger Spur said...

They ALWAYS have more treats and bones, Poppy. You just have to stare at them hard and long enough;)


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