Saturday, 1 January 2011

My new year's resolutions

Happy new year to you all. I'm glad new years eve is over. Some bad people had scary fireworks and even though I growled at the fireworks they didn't stop. Luckily mum and dad stayed in to look after me, and they let me hide behind their legs then under the duvet. Nothing can hurt you when you are under a duvet.
Anyway as threatened mum made me make some new years resolutions.
1) I will not lick anyones ears until I am invited to
2) I will not bark when people are eating - unless I am really hungry or really like their food)
3) I will let mum groom me and put ear drops in when it is necessary (I admit this is for the best)
4) I will learn a new trick. I'm thinking I might learn to shake paws. Apparently 'down' doesn't count, I can already do it. I knew I should have held off on that one for a few more days!
5) I will not trip mum up when she takes me running
6) I will come back when I am called - unless I am chasing something really, really good
7) I will not eat tennis balls. They make me sick and I lose a good ball
8) I will wait to see if letters from the postman are important before I eat them
9) I will be calmer when mum takes me to work. That way she will take me more
10) I will not go on poo and pee strike when people are leaving the house, to stop them leaving me. It only makes me uncomfortable, and doesn't seem to stop them

I hope mum and dad won't be expecting miracles. I've just read my list back and it all looks a bit hard. Still I will be getting a friend to play with at some point next year, and then the focus will be off me a little bit. I can shred stuff and blame the new dog. Seems like a great result all round.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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