Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day out at the beach

Look how muddy I am, isn't it great!
Mum took me to the beach today. It's the first time I have been to the beach with her for ages as I normally go with dad when mums at work. But it was lovely and sunny so mum said it was a beach day. I had such a lovely time. We went for a walk through the sand dunes first of all so that I could follow rabbit smells and run through bushes, these are two of my favourite things to do. Then we walked a long way down the beach and at first mum just let me chase the sea gulls and splash in the mud because the tide was out. She says it's good that the tide was out because it is still too cold to swim.
I made lots of friends while I was scampering around. I met a lovely staffie, a chihuahua called Poppy, two spaniels who were even muddier than me, a clean spaniel (mum says that it's a bit odd to see a clean spaniel, she doesn't think spaniels are supposed to be clean), a labrador with a tennis ball and a really friendly doberman. I love making new friends. Mum says I should only make friends with the dogs though, I shouldn't jump up at their owners when I have muddy paws.
On the way back down the beach we played with tennis balls.Mum has a thing she calls a wanger which helps her throw tennis balls a long way so that I can run and chase them. She needs this because she is rubbish at throwing. I laugh at her when she throws normally. She really tired me out with the tennis balls as every time I brought one back she threw another one. I'm not as young and fit as I used to be, that left me exhausted. I was so tired I forgot to look out of the car window at birds on the way home.
I have just had a lovely sleep on mum and dads bed, hopefully they won't realise that it's me that put all the mud and sand over it. I think they will though. At least it means they will change the duvet later, I love duvet changing day, I always climb inside it and run around while mum and dad try to catch me. They pretend it makes them angry but I saw them laughing when I did it once.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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