Sunday, 23 January 2011

Grumpy pup

Tired Poppy dog
I'm a little bit of a grumpy pup today. I didn't get as much beauty sleep as I would have hoped (I don't need much, but it does play havoc with my fringe if I don't get enough). Fly finds it hard to sleep for as many hours in one go as me, mum and dad would like. I had been looking forwards to a nice long lie in as dad starts work early on a Sunday so I'm allowed to sleep on his pillow once he's gone. But today Fly woke up when the alarm went off and it scared her. Dad switched it off quickly but she was already awake. And that meant that for three hours until mum gave in and got out of bed Fly ran up and down the stairs, played with my blankie from when I was little and dived on to mums head a few times. Mum said more of the bad words and looks very tired today. She says she isn't but I know when she is lying.

We went for a walk today and mum let me off the lead because the canal isn't frozen any more and she says it is hard work walking two silly dogs with no manners at the same time. Because I'm the oldest I'm the one allowed off lead. But I swam after a moorhen again and now I've got water in my ears. Mum says my ears smell yucky and that I might need stronger ear drops, but she says she'll give it a couple of days because giving me ear drops while trying to control my sister might be too much for her stress levels!
I am looking forwards to tomorrow because mum says I can have the house to myself and a dad walk all by myself in the afternoon, because she is taking Fly to work with her. I am really pleased, I love my dad very much and really like the walks I have with him. And mum said on Thursday we are all going to the beach. Maybe having a sister isn't so bad after all.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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