Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My sister's coming home soon

I finally met my little sister yesterday, and mum said that because I was so lovely with her she can come home soon. It was all a bit nerve wracking when we met as mum said that it was up to me and that if I didn't get on with her then mum would try to find a new mum and dad for her and wouldn't bring her home. We met at work, and because there were dog trainers down looking at some of the naughty dogs, they decided to do a training session on how to properly introduce dogs so there were at least 10 people watching me. Talk about pressure!
Luckily Fly seems like she could be a lot of fun so I told mum I was happy to have her at home. Mum was so happy she gave me a big piece of dried sausage, it was great. The dog trainers said lovely things about me as well. Apparently I am a lovely dog and I was very good at showing Fly how to behave. They also said I was nowhere near as bad as mum makes out. I dread to think what she says about me to people, honestly the cheek of it!
Not sure yet when I will get my sister as mum says she's a little bit crazy at the moment and she doesn't know who mum is yet. She thinks she is just a nice lady who visits her kennel and strokes her and gives her treats. So mum has to spend a couple of days doing a lot of training with her so she doesn't get scared when she comes home with us. I really can't wait, this could be a lot of fun!
I hope I don't look too guilty after
eating the whole treat bag
I also went to my doggy school last night. I was so tired that I could have really done with an early night and I didn't want to play at all. Even when mum got my favourite toy out I wasn't in the mood. Mum says this kind of thing is exactly why she told the dog trainers at her work that I'm a doggy with issues! I did redeem myself though by learning the command 'go tunnel' and not being scared even when the tunnel had a bend. Now all I have to do is learn not to stop dead at the other end and wait for cheese. Mum says people will laugh if I do that if we ever get to competition stage. I told her she's crazy if she ever thinks we will ever get that far, I'm just in it for the fun. And the cheese.
I finished my busy day off by managing to find where mum left her still fairly full treat pouch, opening it and then eating the whole lot. Yum. That's what I call a good end to the day.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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