Sunday, 16 January 2011

Windy day at the beach

Mum kept her promise today. She took me for a lovely long walk at the beach even thought the weather wasn't very nice. I enjoyed myself very much although I don't think mum did. She said walking into strong wind and getting sand blasted isn't her idea of a good day out. I disagree. I thought it was a good day out. I did my usual ball chasing and running through sand dunes and thistle bushes and generally had a lot of good poppy fun. I'm suffering now though, I have so many thorns sticking in me. Mum and dad are sat either side of me on the sofa picking thorns out of me and it hurts lots. I don't regret it though, sometimes you have to suffer for your fun.
A wierd thing happened when we got back to the car. Mum opened the door and a black poodle jumped in. She was called Suki and her owner was very embarrassed. Mum took her out of the car and she jumped straight back in again. This happened several times. Me and mum thought it was very funny and even thought we might have to take her home with us.

I'm all sleepy after my big day out

We went to Pets At Home on the way back as mum wanted to give me the best day possible. It was spaniel heaven in there. We met an 8 week old dog being fitted for her first collar. For some reason her owners looked a little nervous when mum told them that spaniels are crazy dogs and they never calm down. Mum said to me afterwards that she doesn't think they've had a spaniel before and they might have a bit of a shock coming to them! Then we met a 5 year old spaniel boy who was muddier than me. I had a lovely time sniffing him while mum talked to his mum and dad in the queue. And just as I thought it couldn't get better mum let me chose my own rawhide. I do love my mum and dad.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


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