Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sisters are hard work

I know you can't see my face but mum
said all the other pictures had red eyes
like a devil dog. I blame the dodgy
camera work personally
Mum brought my little sister home yesterday. I know that mum says once we have settled down properly together it will be a lot of fun having a sister, but at the moment I am missing having mum and dad all to myself a little bit. Mum says that is normal though and that she thinks me and Fly are going to be great friends soon.
Fly has never been in a house before and it was really funny watching her going in to all the rooms and getting scared of things she has never seen. She loved watching the TV. I can't wait to see her face the first time she sees a ball or a bird on there, it will be so funny. Honestly, young pups are so silly. Was I ever like that? I doubt it.
We have had a couple of tiny arguments. Fly likes being on the sofa snuggled into a human. I don't mind that as there are two humans and two sofas, plenty of choice. But when Dad went back to work, I tried to jump on the sofa and sit next to mum and Fly, and she growled at me. Mum said that isn't fair, so Fly can only go on the sofa when mum gives her permission. We had another little argument about beds. I share a bed with mum and dad (although for some reason they seem to think it is their bed and that I am just being a pain and sleeping on it) and Fly is supposed to be sleeping in her own bed. At 4am she jumped on our bed and woke me up so I growled at her. Mum said it is ok to growl at her in those circumstances as it is the only way she will learn. Then mum said a lot of rude words, words that she said a young dog like me shouldn't know, and had to take Fly out to go to the toilet. She came back inside and said even more rude words when she realised I was asleep on her pillow. I played dead so she couldn't move me. She looks tired today.
We all went walking this morning and mum says the stress of trying to walk two dogs in a straight line without tripping over and injuring herself or one of us is going to turn her hair grey. I gave her a sympathetic look, but then the cheek of her, she said I was the one that caused most problems. She says I'm a little pain who chases birds and cats and tries to trip her up. We have to wait for dad to come home this afternoon before having another walk.
I'm having a well deserved rest right now as sister dog is downstairs sleeping. Mum says the good thing about pups is that they need a lot of sleep. I have to get off the computer now though as mum says Fly would like to use it herself to talk about her day. Personally I think she's copying me.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx


At 26 January 2011 at 09:07 , Blogger Spur said...

Goodness. Fly sounds like she will take some getting used to--and some coaching. I'm a little worried myself since my Mom plans to get me a little sister in a year or two. Seems to think I NEED one, that it will do me some good...we shall see!

At 26 January 2011 at 13:38 , Blogger Poppy said...

Sister's are hard work. Make sure if you do get a sister you get your mum to give you extra treats to make up for it


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