Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mum's let me have the computer back at last

I'm having a chill out, being a Pop dog
is hard work
Mum's been so mean and hasn't let me on the computer once over the past month. She has been organising something called an open day where lots of doggies go along to have fun and raise money to help rescue dogs and cats. I think I have to forgive her for spending lots of time on open day things, because at least she was helping lots of animals, but I definitely don't forgive her for the day itself. You see, while lots of dogs were enjoying the fun day and dog show, mum left me and Fly in her office. She let us out quickly a couple of times to go to the toilet, but she didn't take us in to the field properly until the end of the day when all the other dogs were gone. How unfair! I'm expecting lots of long walks and treats to make up for this.
A contented old Jiggy boy
We have also had a house guest with us for a while. His name is Jiggy and he is a 13 year old Shi tzu. He can't cope very well with kennels, so he came to live with us for a while. Then he went to a home but got returned again because he really is a bit of a pain to live with. He's quite sweet and well behaved with us, but when he goes to other people's houses he whines and cries all night and keeps people awake. I have a feeling he may be with us a while. He's only small though and doesn't really get in our way, and he even plays with me from time to time, so I won't complain too much if he does stay a while longer.
Dad has just got home know so I feel I need to go and lick his ears now. I will write more soon as mum has promised I can have the computer whenever I want.
Big doggy kisses
Poppy xxx