Monday, 13 June 2011

cats behaving like birds

My distant cousin George is behaving like a bird. How scary is that, a cat behaving like a bird. It messes with my poor little Poppy brain

Scary thunder, and too much rain

Luckily there was one nice day where I could get wet and muddy!
Sorry I haven't written as much as a Pop would like to write but mum has used the computer too much and not let me near it enough. A scary thing happened where there were loud noises and lots of flashes. Mum explained that it was a thunder storm and that if I'm in a safe place it can't hurt me. But I didn't think a kennel was a very safe place so mum let me and Fly snuggle in the car together instead because apparently we're safe in a car. I hope there's never thunder like that again, it was horrible.
It has been raining a lot this week and it makes me a little sad. I actually hate going out in the rain because water is only nice if I choose to go in it. So I've not had many walks this week and mums having to entertain me with kongs and balls in the house. I've just finished eating a really tasty tennis ball now. Mum doesn't seem best pleased as when I say eaten I actually mean shredded and left all over the floor that dad hoovered. Whoops.
I'm hoping this week might be a little nicer
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I ran up a big hill

We enjoyed the views at Burrow Mump
I had such a good walk with mum and Fly this week. We went to a place called Burrow Mump. It's a really large hill with a ruined church on top. There are lots of birds to look at, sheep in the next field and ruins to play in.
It's hard work running up a steep hill
I was a little sad that I had to stay on a long lead. Mum said that it was very likely that I might get under the fence in to the car park, which was near a road. Honestly, you squeeze under fences once or twice, and humans never let you forget. I really enjoyed myself though, there were lots of things to be sniffed and pointed at.

I've had quite a good week this week. Mum has taken me and Fly to Langport to run in the fields at lunch time each day which has been very pleasant. Definitely better than running in the fields at work. And while we were on a walk a lady came and asked mum where she takes me to be groomed because she said I looked pretty. I was very pleased because I don't go to a groomers, I'm just naturally pretty.

Very tired after my busy week

I think I'm going to have a lovely day tomorrow. Mum is taking Fly to work so that I can stay at home with Dad. It'll be so much fun. As much as I love Fly, I love spending time with my dad even more.
Lots of Love
Poppy xxx