Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sore paw and bad computer

Sad Poppy face, sticking my hurty paw out
I'm a grumpy Poppy right now. I had just spent a very long time writing lots of great Poppy things about my last couple of Poppy weeks and the silly computer lost it all. I keep telling mum to buy a new computer but she says my rawhide costs lots of money and so she can't afford things like computers as well. I think she should just work harder and get more money. Doesn't she know how hard it is to write when you have fluffy paws? So it's very upsetting to write lots and then lose it all.
I also have a poorly paw. I've been limping a lot recently and mum has looked at my paw, but she can't see a cut or anything in it, but it's really really hurting me. I'm not wanting to chase after my balls as often because it hurts so much, and that's really not like me at all. Mum has given me lots of love and cuddles but she says if I don't feel better soon I might have to have a little trip to the vets. Poor me!
It's not been all bad though. I've been an office dog a few times and I've had some fantastic off lead walks with my ball so even a grumpy Pop can't be too sad.
Lots of love
Pop dog xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sad field day, happy beach day

Mum and dad are on those things they call holidays again, which mean they don't go to work, and they spend lots and lots of time with me and Fly. I'm a big fan of holidays. If it were up to me mum and dad would never go back to work. But apparently unless they win a thing called a lottery that won't happen. And I've never seen them buy a ticket so I think it may be back to work for them at some point.

We've been having some really fab walks because after a lot of boring training on a very very long lead I am now trusted to go off lead again in a few places. We have an amazing field right by our house, and dad has been taking me over there every day with a ball which he throws. Balls are my favourite things in the whole world. I come back every time now, and mum and dad are so proud of me. I especially love a squeaky ball.
I did get a very big shock today though. We went over to our field and at the gate mum and dad took our leads off. When we went through they started throwing the ball and I chased it while Fly chased me (she's a bit weird that one!) and everything was going well. Until we walked further up the hill. Suddenly as I chased my ball I came face to face with a cow! And I don't think the cow was impressed. As it was bigger than me I ran back quickly and mum and dad said we needed to leave the field because you're not allowed to run around in fields with cows in case you scare them. I can't believe they put cows in the field. I know the field belongs to the farmer but it still isn't fair.
So we walked to another field and there were cows there too. By now I was getting quite upset. There was even talk that we might do a road walk instead. Road walks are ok but nowhere near as good as an offlead ball chase. And then an amazing thing happened. We went to the beach! I really really love the beach. And even better, the tide was right in. I was a little sad because mum said the waves were too high and the sea was too cold for me to swim, but I still paddled and did lots of ball chasing. And I learnt that if I stand in shallow water Fly can't get me. She's a silly sprollie who is scared of water. Imagine being scared of water, how silly!
I chased and ran and played for ages, and now I'm a tired spaniel with a sandy belly. I hope we go back to the beach again soon especially if those pesky cows carry on living in 'my' field.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

An agility champion in the making

A happy, content Poppy
I think a break at school has done me good. I had been struggling to concentrate and listen to mum, and really couldn't get to grips with many things.So I had three weeks off and mum thought I'd be rubbish because we did no training. How wrong could she be! I'm amazing (and also modest).
I can now do two by two weave poles at a fairly decent angle.Mum even got some for her birthday so we can pratice at home. She must love me lots to get weave poles for her birthday. I can do jumps and tunnels as well and I'm even starting to learn about see saws and getting my A Frame contacts right. By the time I turn four in November I hope to be able to run a whole course. I knew I'd get it right one day no matter what mum told me!
I won another rosette as well. It was our fun day at school last week and I came third in waggiest tail. I normally can wag hard enough to do better but because I knew the judge I saw no need to wag harder and therefore I only came third.My yellow ribbon is so pretty, and I know that if I had tried a tiny bit harder I could have won a red ribbon. I also tried obedience. And I didn't come last! I think I did as well as Fly would have done and only dropped a few points. I am most proud of the fact that I have learnt to wait. Who would have thought a Poppy dog could do things like that.
A sad thing happened to me this month though. My friend Jiggy went to his new home. Mum says that's a good thing because we were only fostering him and he was looking for his new home anyway and the new home is much better for him than our home was. I do know all that but I'm still a little sad to lose my friend. And it has made Fly full of worry because she doesn't understand about fostering so she thinks Jiggy was taken away somewhere, like she was as a Pup. Fly's are silly!
Lots of love
 Poppy xxx

The video below is Jiggy looking extra cute. I have to confess I miss him a little!