Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I love holidays

If I look cute he'll give me the ball soon
Mum and dad have been off work again, on a thing they call a holiday. I'm not sure they ever do any work, they always seem to be on holidays. They say that they would love to go away on holidays but they can't afford it because me and Fly spend all their money. They know we're worth it though. I quite like staying at home for holidays though because we get lots of time to do all the fun things we really really love with none of the boring work stuff in between.
Yay, got my ball at last
On Friday we did a long scamp at King Sedgemoor's drain. I was a good girl so I was allowed off lead and I really surpassed myself by coming back when I was called. How amazing am I! I came back mostly because I knew mum had a squeaky Kong ball in her pocket, but I tried to let her believe it was because I was being obedient. I'm not sure whether she believed me though.
On Saturday I went to school as normal and I was quite relieved it wasn't as hot as last week. There were still three new doggies in my group and I think I may have made myself look quite good compared to them. Mum says it's about time I started to look competent, and that after nine months I ought to be in the next group up. I think that's rather unfair of her to say that, I'm just a very thorough learner. I don't like to move on until I've perfected something.
How pretty do I look with my new rosette!
Sunday was my bestest day. I went to a doggy show and won a prize. There was some stiff competition but I now have a red second placed rosette to show that I have the second waggiest tail in North Curry. Yes that's right I wagged my tail so hard that I got a rosette and a goody bag. A tiny little yorkie terrier came first, but I think that I should have won, I had more tail to wag so I worked harder. Mum told me not to worry though, she said tiny dogs always win the most prizes. I looked so pretty with my rosette and mum fed me a sausage from the barbecue too. A very good day. Fly also won a rosette but it had to be taken away from her because she tried to eat it. Silly Fly!
Yesterday was also very good but I did hurt myself a little. I ran through a lot of bushes at Cothelstone hill because I was chasing a big bird. I ran very fast through a lot of bushes all the way from the top of the hill to the bottom and back up again. I was so exhausted and I hurt my nose again. I have little scratches all over it and mum says I look a little bit rough. It was totally worth it though.
Happy with my ball in the cafe garden
Finally today we finished off the holiday with a trip to the beach at Blue Anchor. The tide was a little bit in so I ran through the mud, splashed in the sea, chased millions of birds and generally made myself all muddy and happy. Then we finished off with a sausage in the cafe.
I really love holidays. I bet I have the best holidays any dog has ever had. Mum better make sure I get a good walk tomorrow to make up for the fact that it's back to work. I need to have a good snooze now as all this activity is starting to take its toll on my beautiful looks.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hot weather is not fun

Poor hot fluffy me
I thought that it would be nice when it was sunny, but now it is sunny it turns out that I am a little too fluffy to enjoy the warm weather. I have such gorgeous fluffy long spaniel hair and I really don't want to have it cut at all, but if the weather stays warm for this long I may soon have to go to a groomers. Scary! I have never prayed so hard for rain in all my life. It wouldn't be so bad if I could go for a good river swim, but after I have disgraced myself with my off lead behaviour a lot, I can't even do that any more. And to make matters much worse I heard mum tell dad that she thinks I've got a little chunky because I haven't done as much exercise in the hot weather. Honestly, they know how to make a little spaniel girl feel very sensitive.
I did go to school this morning and I had a lot of fun. There were three new doggies this week and it made me feel a lot better. It means I'm not the beginner dog any more. I still stay with the beginners because I do tend to get a little overwhelmed and distracted and forget what I should be doing, but at least now there are some doggies at the same level as me.
Anyway I'm a little hot and bothered right now so I'm off to do a rain dance before I have a little snooze. I think I might even snuggle my loofah pup.
Lots of love
Poppy dog xxx