Sunday, 13 November 2011

My kitten friend Treacle

Treacle loves my ears
 Yay, my mum said we could keep our kitten friend, we've called her Treacle. Mum thinks she's nearly five weeks old now, and she is growing up really fast. I've really made friends with her, and although I have been a little too rough with her a couple of times, I'm learning to be more gentle. I'm allowed to play with her so long as mum and dad are around to supervise me. She likes to play with my ears, and she keeps wrapping her little tiny paws around my snout. It's fun at the moment but I will not be tolerating that when she gets bigger. She moves very quickly when she's allowed on the floor and it is taking all my self control not to chase her. Mummy is doing lots of training with me at the moment and rewarding me for being gentle with her and ignoring her. It's easier to be gentle when you get sausage!. The best thing about having a cat is eating cat food. Mum says I'm not allowed cat food and that it's not good for dogs but it's so tasty.
Me at Ham Hill
My mums had a bad cold this week, but me and Fly have bothered her lots and forced her to take us on good walks. We went for long walks on the levels as normal, we went for a lovely scamp at the beach and I swam in the sea, and we even had some new walks. We went to Ham Hill which was really great and I got to chase my ball in a disused quarry and run through stone circles. I'd like to go there a lot, but Fly found it quite difficult because there were so many dogs off lead that their owners weren't controlling, and Fly finds other dogs worrysome, So I'm not sure how often I'll be able to go there.
Me at the monument
We went to a place called Wellington Monument and me and Fly both liked that walk, because I chased my ball again, and Fly didn't see any dogs and had lots of woods to run through and dirt to roll in. Fly really is a disgusting farm dog! She smells really funny now. Honestly, you wouldn't find me smelling funny and rolling in mud.
I'm very sad now as mum says her holiday is finished and we're going back to work tomorrow. Not fair, I love having mum at home with me. But dad is cooking a roast dinner now so I'm going to bark at their food a lot so mum feeds me and that will make me feel better.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My new hair cut

Fluffy me
Smart me
I am such a smart poppy dog now. Mum took me for a hair cut at the weekend and I feel so much better now. It was all very scary at first because I had to go to a new place and it was all noisy. Pop dogs do not like noise, especially hair dryer noise. I got all nervous and clingy for my mum, so mum had to leave the room while I was groomed. I had to just get on with it then, so I got a lot braver and managed to be clipped all over and now I look very smart. I can’t believe how fluffy I used to be, I feel a lot less itchy now. But I do get cold so I have to wear my snuggy coat. I don't mind though, my snuggy coat makes me look so cute.

My kitten friend
Another exciting thing happened this week. I am helping to raise a kitten. Who knew I could be such a lovely gentle poppy dog. The kittens had a very bad start in life and their mummy was poorly and had to have an operation, so because they were only three weeks old mum took them home to hand rear them. Sadly one of the little kittens died today so now me and Fly are helping mum to raise the little girl kitten. Mum feeds her, and then me and Fly take it in turns to wash her and then play with her. She is very lovely so I really hope she does ok.

Lots of love
Poppy dog xxx