Monday, 28 February 2011

A good day at work

Mum took me to work with Fly today to see if she could make me feel a little bit better. Luckily she let me take my Loofah pup too otherwise I would have missed him a lot. I behaved myself very well while I was there which surprised mum as normally I'm a little bit crazy. I was allowed off lead in the field at lunch time as my wound is all healed and it was nice to have a scamp, especially as my friends Alfie, Patrick and Storm were there as well. Fly was a little pain, she really wanted to play and kept jumping on me and all I wanted to do was run fast. I haven't ran fast in at least two weeks. 

Snoozing on my comfy work bed

In the afternoon me and loofah pup did have to have a time out in the car as I started barking when people came in to mums office. Mum said that while she didn't particularly want people in her office, at the same point I shouldn't really be telling them off so we went for a sleep. I didn't mind though as I have never made it to 3.30pm without being put in the car before so I can cope with that. I'm hoping that I will be allowed to go to work more often now I have behaved myself once.
Now I am really tired so I am going to take my Loofah pup off to bed.
Lots of Love
Poppy xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A confused spaniel

I'm having a few little issues to do with my spaying at the moment, and I'm feeling really rather confused about it all. As my scar started healing I started going through what mummy tells me is a phantom pregnancy. I started producing milk and wanting to make nests and really didn't want to go for a walk at all which isn't like me. I thought I was having puppies. Then yesterday morning mum brought me home a 'Loofah Dog' and although I do know it is only a toy, I think he is my puppy. I have been a brilliant mum. I have nursed him and washed him and tried to produce more milk for him to feed and I haven't left him at all. Mum took him away from me to try and make me go for a walk but I cried because I didn't want to leave him. It really is confusing as I kind of know he isn't alive but I still think he is my puppy. I hope this confusion passes, it really isn't nice. On the plus side the cone is off now.
Also there are boxes everywhere. I remember this. Last time there were boxes everywhere we moved house so I think that might be happening again. Mum did try to explain about a new house but all I was worried about was my Loofah dog. I trust her and dad to find me a nice house so I am sure it will be fine, but I want it to be over quickly, I am fed up of living with boxes everywhere. Although I did spot a big one in the kitchen, maybe I should go take a sleep in it.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Cone collars make great weapons

I'm feeling so much better today. I have just got back from seeing the vet again and she has said that I'm healing nicely and that unless I do something silly and split my wound open I won't have to go and see her again. Mum says I'm a clumsy doggy though so it's likely I will have to go back again. I resent that. I didn't split my stitches because I was clumsy, it happened because I was trying to wash myself.
My sad doggy look
I still have to wear my cone for another week as I know I can't stop myself licking my wound, I just don't have that level of self control. I really don't mind though, the cone has its uses. Here are my favourite things about the cone.
I get a lot of sympathy from everyone, I've perfected my sad puppy look and it makes mum and dad feel sorry for me and give me cuddles and treats.
I can save food in it for later. Mum thinks this habit is disgusting but it means that I can save tasty treats for when I get really hungry.
I get hand fed all my meals. Technically I could eat out of my normal bowl, but mum doesn't know this, so she feeds me really tasty food from a saucer that she holds because she doesn't think I can reach a bowl on the floor. This makes me feel special.
I get to sit on the front seat of the car as I don't fit in the crate. This gives me a great view of the world going by.
Big doggy yawn. Wearing a cone is exhausting.
My favourite thing of all is that cones make great battering rams. I can charge past Fly and knock her over with my collar, and I don't get told off because mum and dad say it's not my fault. If I see other dogs at the park that I'm not keen on I can headbutt them. And I can barge people out of the way to get to whichever spot I want to sit on on the sofa, and once I get there no-one wants to move me because they feel sorry for me.
I think the collar comes off next Monday and mum and dad have promised they will take me to the beach when it's off so I think I will make the most of it this week while looking forwards to Monday.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Poorly me

I won't be writing much today as I really am feeling very poorly.The rumours were true, I was spayed yesterday. Mum collected me from the vets in the afternoon and although I was pleased to see her, I have never felt so poorly in my life. She was very good to me and brought the comfy doggy bed upstairs so I could sleep somewhere nice but I felt so ill that all I could do was howl.
Mum was very nice, she stayed up and cuddled me and gave me a painkiller so I could sleep. This morning I felt a little better so I started moving around a bit more. I had to have a huge cone put round my head so I couldn't lick my stitches. As if I would! But I still managed to split them a tiny bit and there was blood everywhere. Mum checked my gums and my heart rate and was worried I was going in to shock so she had to take me to the emergency vet. I saw the nice lady vet who examined me before my op yesterday. She cleaned me up and dressed my wound and checked I was healthy. She said mum needed to try and get me to eat more as that would help me feel better, and said I shouldn't be moving around. Now my bed has been taken in to dad's room away from Fly and I have been hand fed some doggy food. I feel a little better but still not very well.
I promise I will put a picture of me and my collar on here soon, but I think I look too ill to have my photo taken at the moment.
Lots of love
A very poorly poppy xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

What a let down, not a happy Pop

Mum lied. I didn't get taken to work with her. I'm not sure that it was all my fault, and she did apologise to me, but it doesn't make it any better. Fly has just learnt how much fun it is to play, and as everyone knows I love a good play. The slight problem is that neither of us have any self control so when we are together we can't stop playing. Mum said it isn't good for us to play that much and she needs to be able to keep us separate or at least supervise us for now. So I had to stay at home and have a dad walk in the afternoon while Fly went to work. I was jealous, but Fly said it was rubbish because there were no other dogs and mum only had time to play in the field once, so now I don't feel so bad.
I have heard some very bad rumours which are starting to concern me. I heard mum talking to the vet and saying something about an operation, then I heard that Fly is going to agility next week, and finally I heard mum tell her friend that she is taking some time off work because I will need looking after while I have my stitches in. I don't know what a stitch is but I don't think I want it. Mum has given me a rawhide to keep me happy so I'll think about it another day.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx
P.S. A note from Poppy's mum - Poppy is being neutered on Friday. She doesn't know what neutering is yet! Please be sympathetic about it, and in turn I will try to stop her whining about it too much when she writes.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I woof too loudly

Mum says I have a big problem. My woof is too loud. It also happens a lot. I personally don't think it is me that has the problem, I believe it may be her as I don't mind the woof. I went to work with her for the first time since little sister came along. Fly has had to go as she is scared of being left alone, but today Dad finished work early so he could look after her, so I went with mum.
I may have got a little over excited. In fact to tell you the truth I was so excited that I howled the whole way there before having a little accident (ok, a big smelly poo) in mum's office. I followed this up by barking madly at my friend Alfie, and asking everyone to play with my tennis ball. I may also have whined a little loudly while mum was on the phone to important people. Well my tennis ball had gone under her desk.

I love my friend Alfie but he stole my bed!

I did have two very good field scamps with Alfie which were great and on the second one I found a plastic squeaky bone to play with - amazing! But I also had to spend some time sleeping in the car in my crate. It was because no-one in the office was getting any work done. I find it hard to believe that my noise is that loud but apparently it is.
Mum says that I can go to work with her and Fly on Sunday as she will be the only person in the office so it doesn't really matter if I'm noisy, but if I'm really bad again then she will save office trips for special occasions. I'm very happy about Sunday, but will be very sad if I don't go more often.
Also I'm a little upset that mum and dad have been teaching Fly new things and mum says she is a quick learner. She says she doesn't think Fly will have to repeat the beginners class twice when she does agility. The cheek of her! I'm sure I am only repeating it because this way I can show others what to do. Mum says she thinks not, but I am welcome to believe whatever I like.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sprollies are for Sharing: Adventures With Fly

Sprollies are for Sharing: Adventures With Fly

My sister has been posted on a blog. I think you should have a look as she is very cute as are all the other Sprollies on there.
I can't help but feel a little jealous though, I wish someone did a Spaniels are for Sharing blog, I'd definitely be the prettiest.
Lots of Love
Poppy xxx

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Back to agility

I've had a really great Poppy day today. Mum took me back to my normal agility class. We are repeating the beginners class as although I have learnt alot, I'm not good enough to go in the next class up, mum thought I would get intimidated by how good the other dogs are. I was pleased to be with dogs who didn't know as much as me. I looked really good and made sure I remembered all my tricks. I got a bit confused during hand touch as I still don't see the point in touching the hand which doesn't have the food in. But I was brilliant at circling and at not taking the food from mum's hand. And I hardly barked at all so mum was very pleased with me.
Wet ears from my walk. It was worth it!
Me and Fly went for a walk to the park by the river with mum and dad and they let me off the lead. I was so happy. I barked at moorhens, chased pigeons, paddled in the canal, rolled in my favourite patch of mud, and then went and shook myself next to a man wearing light coloured trousers. Luckily he had a dog with him too so he didn't mind. Fly was a little bit jealous but mum said that Fly can't come off the lead as she hasn't lived with us long enough and also she is still in season. I don't feel sorry for her though, she went to Pets at Home today and I didn't.
Mum has finally let me see the guinea pigs as she said they need to get used to dogs before they find a new home. I sniffed them a lot, but I wasn't allowed to chase them. I got a little bit told off though as I ate their food. It wasn't tasty.
I'm off to pester dad for an ear rub now as I have wet ears.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx