Saturday, 31 December 2011

Poppy dog resolutions

Not Fair! Mum says that because sister dog Fly made new years resolutions that now I have to as well. I am doing so begrudgingly and can't promise I will keep them, but I'll give it a go.

1) I will not go and harass the rabbits every time I'm allowed in the garden off lead
2) I will not lose a tennis ball on every single walk
3) I will stop trying to take every rawhide and toy that Fly has (unless they belonged to me first)
4) I will try not to wash Dad's ears more than once a day
5) I will not beg for food by barking (unless it is cheese)
6) I will cease chasing moor hens as it got me in to a lot of trouble this year
7) I will learn to do weave poles properly, not to dodge them and then bark for a reward
8) I will accept that grooming and bathing is necessary so long as it doesn't happen more than once every three months
9) I will try to be quiet when I go to work with mum and will not bark whenever the phone rings
10) I will not complain about having sore wet ears and then refuse to have them cleaned. I understand that if I complain about my ears then I will have to have medication.

I had a fantastic New Years Eve beach walk today. My foster sister Tuppy had a lovely time, mum says it's important she goes to nice places and has fun because she might not live very long, and she's very sleepy and snoring now so I assume she did enjoy herself. I was proud of my little sister Fly as well because even when two annoying labradors and a terrier came to annoy us she didn't bite them. Yay for the Fly dog.
I've had a really really good 2011 and I hope that I get just as many lovely walks, tennis balls and rawhides in 2012.
Lots of love
Poppy Dog xxx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Poppy

Christmas Treacle cat
Well Christmas Day is over now and I find myself wondering why I don't seem to have eaten any turkey. My doggy friends all have turkey but I appear to have just had dog food. Me and my Fly sister did wonder for a while whether that should be classed as neglect and whether we ought to call the RSPCA, but then mum gave us a pigs ear and we decided we love her lots.
We did have a good Christmas. On Christmas Day we had to go to work with mum, but we had the whole office to ourselves as mum was out walking other dogs, and Fly found some wrapping paper which we had great fun shredding.
Boxing Day scamper
Boxing Day was much better though. Mum and Dad took us on a lovely walk with our grandparents (who really aren't sure they like being grandparents just yet!). I got so excited that I jumped all over my granny with lovely muddy paws which I know she enjoyed very much. We did lots of running and scampering through bushes, and I got told off a little because I lost two tennis balls and destroyed a third. All in all I'm a very happy Pop dog.
Tired Poppy and Treacle
I hear talk of there being meat of some sort for dinner tonight. I'm off to perfect my best 'I'm a very lovely and hungry Poppy dog' expression in the hope they feed me lots.
Lots of love
Poppy xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Poppy dog is back

Washing my Treacle
My mum is so rubbish, she never lets me go on the lap top any more. She says she is busy doing other things on it, and also she says she is too busy looking after me and all the other fluffy things in the house. But she has finally let me have it back now, so I can tell you all about what's happened in my busy Poppy life.
The Treacle kitten has really started getting big now and I love playing with her. She's 10 weeks old now, and whenever mum and dad are at home she is allowed to run around the whole house. For a small fluffy thing she gives me a lot of hassle. Whenever I am eating she creeps up behind me and jumps up and grabs my tail. But it means that I am allowed to chase her a little bit so long as she starts it. I do love my little kitten.
I've had a few amazing walks of late. I've discovered a new Quantock walk, it's really long and I can go off my lead  for the whole walk. We scamp in and out of bracken and bushes, there are puddles that are deep enough to wade in, and there is enough space for me to run and chase my ball. I have declared it number one walk of all time!
My new friend Tuppy
We have a new house guest. Tuppence is a little black and white girl, we think she might be a Jack Russell crossed with a Collie, because she has ears that look like Fly's. She is an old girl that somehow ended up as a stray in a welsh pound. She then got transferred to the rescue centre that mum works in, but before she could be available for homing the vet found a very severe heart murmur and thought she was going in to heart failure. So she has ended up living with us for however long she has left to live. She seems very happy with us, and we've even taken her to the beach. That was an amazing walk because we were the only three doggies at the beach. Tuppy seems to like her new life so we hope she lives a little while longer.
Super flying Pop
I had a birthday a couple of weeks a go. I don't like to admit it but I turned four on 26th November. I didn't want to be four, I was quite happy being three. But mum made it special. She took me to agility in the morning  and I did really well and showed how much I've learnt. And then we walked for hours and hours in the afternoon. Then for tea I had a fish pate and I even got a turkey jumbone for tea. Maybe being four isn't so bad after all.
A strange tree appeared in the house this week. I got told off because the balls hanging from it looked like tennis balls to me. But apparently they are not. I have no idea what the funny tree is, I'm sure I'll find out soon.
Lots of love

Poppy Dog xxx