Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A sore Poppy

Mummy is rubbish and never lets me use the computer. I have barked loudly at her and she knows this is wrong and she will try harder in future to help me.
Sulky Poppy
I am a poor sulky hurt Poppy now. I got a cut on my lip with some dirt in it, and it swelled up so it was huge. Mummy gave me big snuggles and said poor Poppy a lot and when mum does that I know things must be bad. So I whimpered and sulked a little bit (even though it actually didn't hurt but I thought it might do later). Mum got worried and started looking at the lump, and she accidentally burst it. That did hurt. I wobbled my big fat Poppy lip and cried. Mum cleaned it up but I felt so bad that I took myself off to my crate and whimpered some more, and stayed there all night. It doesn't hurt any more, but I'm going to try and milk it a little for sympathy anyway. It seems to be working, I have a brand new Kong ball to amuse myself with.
Really happy Poppy
I've been doing lots of exciting things this month. I am back at agility lessons this month and mum says I'm actually quite good. I understand things like Wait and Leave It, I can understand which jumps to do, I understand the word tunnel, and I can even do weave poles from the left. I have to do lots of work on weave poles from the right, and the end of the A Frame, and mum has to do lots of work on her handling because sometimes she is rubbish and it is me that has to try and make her look like she's doing it right. Humans are rubbish sometimes.
I've had some amazing walks this month, and my favourite is a new one in a place called Beer Woods. I can't go off lead because mum says I will get lost, and I think we all know I would, but the smells are the most amazing ever. They're so good I almost don't mind staying on lead, although don't tell mum I said that! In fact this months walks have been so good that I can almost forgive mum for keeping me away from the computer.
Pesky Treacle Cat in my garden
I am having cat problems this month. The pesky little beast is allowed in the garden now. Is nowhere sacred! She chases me, she bites my tail, and then runs away when I chase her. But because I have to stay on lead in the garden I can't ever catch her. Life was so much simpler before my Treacle Cat sister came to live with us.
My Tuppy sister is still with us. That is a very good thing even if she does sometimes growl at me. Tuppy is such an old girl that she might not be with us very long so it is always happy and nice to have her around. Mum says four animals in the house is far too many though!
Lots of Love
Poppy xxx